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Professional Wellness Programs:
Virtual & On-Site Acupuncture 

Is your organization wanting to hire an experienced practitioner for your "Wellness Day"?
Consider adding Acupuncture!  Better Life Acupuncture can provide demos or mini-treatments, and answer a lot of Acupuncture-related questions. Presentations can be done online or in person.

Is your organization wanting to increase the health of its members?

Over the years, Better Life Acupuncture has participated in numerous health & benefit fairs, wellness fairs, "Lunch & Learns", and charity events for a wide variety of organizations, such as Universities & Colleges, small and large companies, and non-profit organizations. Events have been either on Zoom or in-person on location. Additionally, Better Life Acupuncture has provided thousands of treatments in community acupuncture clinic settings where treatments were provided on a continual basis. 

Virtual Presentations Presented
Over Zoom, Better Life Acupuncture has presented the following Lunch & Learn topics to organizations wanting to improve its members health & wellbeing. 

  • Eating during a Pandemic and how NOT to gain weight
  • Cooking Healthy while Working from Home
  • Superfoods to Ease Stress & Anxiety
  • Eating for Strong Immunity

Professional Wellness Programs - Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Health Coaching! in Keene, NH

On-Site Acupuncture is Coming back!
Before March 2020, there was a growing trend of companies offering weekly on-site acupuncture treatments as part of a wellness program for employees. Spanning various industries; from high-tech to insurance, to hospitality, academia, and pharmaceutical, to name a few. These companies value acupuncture and see it as an important part of stress management and disease prevention for their employees. The employees appreciate the interest taken in their wellbeing and value the convenience of not having to leave the workplace for treatment. Due to Covid-19 group restrictions, on-site acupuncture programs were on hold, however, they are BACK!  Although, with a few restrictions. Please contact us for details.

Are you interested in learning about Acupuncture Wellness Programs? Please get in touch with us. Go to our Contact page  and send us why you are interested and how you think we can help.

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