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More about Vitamin C...

The other day I read an  article on how Vitamin C is being used in the treatment of the Covid19. While many of us cannot get an IV of Vitamin C, the best way to get this essential vitamin for the immune system is through our diet. Read the article.

The top 10 best foods for Vitamin C, goes to...
1.  Papaya
2. Bell Peppers
3. Broccoli
4. Brussels Sprouts
5. Strawberries (always choose organic ** strawberries are unfortunately heavily sprayed)
6. Pineapple
7. Oranges
8. Kiwifruit
9. Cantaloupe and
10. Cauliflower.
Kale is #11.
To see the full list, check out one of my favorite websites. 
World's Healthiest Foods.