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Building and Maintaining a Strong Immune System, a Natural Approach

1) Keep yourself and others healthy by taking protective measures against infection: wash your hands at least 20 seconds with soap & hot water, maintain distance, clean and disinfect surfaces, avoid touching your face (especially eyes, nose and mouth), and practice cough etiquette & respiratory hygiene.

2) Incorporate healthy immune system-supporting behaviors into your routine: get good sleep and adequate rest, manage your stress levels, get regular exercise, and stay hydrated.

3) Prioritize self-care. Consider acupuncture to manage your stress levels, decrease inflammation, which will boost your immune system.

4) Get outside. Boosts the mood, which builds immunity, and even provides Vitamin D.

5) Eat a nutrient rich diet. Your diet provides the foundation for your immune system to function optimally. Specifically for the immune system, include food sources that are abundant in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Calcium.

6) Reduce Sugar and don’t smoke. No one likes to hear this, but excess sugar depresses the immune system. Try to take in <25g of sugar per day. Snack on nuts and seeds instead.

7) Nutritional and/or Herbal Supplements.
This is a time to be compliant taking any nutritional or herbal supplements recommended by your health care practitioner.  I created a checklist that is easy to use. Please note that some of these supplement suggestions are only available through a Health Care Practitioner, including a Licensed Acupuncturist. Others you can find at Whole Foods or online. 

You may be surprised to see Calcium on the list. Calcium-based signals regulate the production of T cells, which helps the body to respond to invading organisms, like a virus, but it needs to be the right form of calcium. According to a study let by NYU Langone Medical Center and published in Immunity, calcium signals were found to play a vital role in keeping the immune system finely balanced, ramping responses up and down at the appropriate time. Also from the article, “Future applications of our findings may include fine-tuning calcium signals to enhance immune responses to influenza vaccines for the elderly, or the design of new options for people with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.” Read the full article or copy and paste into your browser: signals-balance-bodys-response-infection-against-potential-self-attack

Please contact me if you are interested in talking about nutritional and herbal supplements. I am offering a 15 minute phone consultation for no charge during this public health challenge. Contact me directly or just book online (select “Covid-19 Health Consultation) option.

if you have purchased Standard Process or Medi-Herb products from me in the past, you can order products directly on their website and have them shipped to your house. For information on how to do this, please shoot me an email at

Let’s hope this public health challenge is resolved quickly.

In good health,